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Fay Taylour: Queen of Speedway

Fay Taylour: Queen of Speedway

"A strange but fascinating story"..."an excellent story" Old Bike Mart

"The exploits of the legendary Fay Taylour have been chronicled before but this book seems to get closer to the truth than anything before" SpeedwayPlus

"Brian Belton has written a winner here.. a book like this should find a place on your bookshelf" Speedway Researcher

Fay Taylour was the most successful woman speedway rider - ever. Her short but meteoric career spanned just a few years in the late 1920s until women were banned from the Speedway in 1930. In these few years Fay made a name for herself first in Trials riding, in which she won several Gold Medals, and then in Speedway, one of the toughest of all sports on a motorcycle. Fay competed against, and beat, most of the well known male speedway riders in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and became something of a legend - the Queen of Speedway! This book is a biography of Fay and especially her motorcycle years in trials and speedway. It is a fascinating account of a truly remarkable woman and the early years of speedway in England, Australia and New Zealand.

Brian Belton has Speedway in his blood. His father and grandfather both worked at West Ham Stadium and knew many of the racers there. Brian is now an academic, a youth worker and a well known author of books such as West Ham Speedway, Hammering Round and Bluey Wilkinson - the Hammerís first World Champion.

Forward, by Reg Fearman
A Taste for Speed
The Big Bang of Speedway
Loves Labours
Dirt-Track Queen
To Australia
Super Sig
Fay v Sig
Aussie Odyssey
And so to England
Wheels on Fire
Haere Mai Wahine Wehi
The Empire Strikes Back
Appendix: Fay Taylour - Major Achievements

Fay Taylour: Queen of Speedway - Brian Belton
July 2006, Hardcover, 240 x 162 mm, 224 pages, 18 photos and illustrations
ISBN 09547912 4 X