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The Rugged Road

Cover of The Rugged Road

"Of the many moto-adventures I have enjoyed, none stands out like Theresa Wallach's super excellent The Rugged Road" Miles Davis in Walnecks's June 2006

"The courage and confidence of these most unusual women make this story well worth reading." WOW - Women on Wheels

"... a damned good read, and a tribute to women, to motorcyclists, and to adventure." Rider

"Theresa and Florence's fantastic adventure will hold your attention for hours." The Antique Motorcycle

"... a fascinating read." Vintage Motor Cycle

"The book is beautifully produced ... an amazing video." WIMA

"Reading the book first and then watching the film lends a novel dynamic to the total experience. This is pure English eccentricity allied to serious resolve." Street Biker

"The visuals are stunning." Classic Bike Guide

"[the video] is simply incredible. I was just in awe of the whole thing." Old Bike Mart

London to Cape Town overland by Panther and sidecar, pulling a trailer. No roads, no backup -- just straight across the Sahara through equatorial Africa, and South to the Cape - in 1935, without even a compass! This is quite simply the most incredible Panther journey ever!

Undeterred by nomads, sand drifts, heat, rain, rivers, breakdowns and politics, Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron completed a journey that might well defeat a modern bike. From oasis to oasis arguing with the French Foreign Legion for permission to continue, and winning; fashioning a tow hitch for the trailer when it broke in the desert; rebuilding the entire engine from scratch in Agadez; meeting gorillas, lions and snakes on the road, staying in African villages and meeting an amazing variety of friendly and helpful people. Not to mention having an accident in Tanganyika (Tanzania) with the only car seen on the road for days!

Video Complete with a video of the original film made by Theresa during the trip on 16mm black and white cine film - recorded on video without alternation, a genuine record of the journey. Silent, 35 minutes, VHS or NTSC. Sorry video is now out of stock in both VHS PAL and NTSC.

Introduction by Barry M Jones
The Rugged Road -- the Start of the Venture
Reaching the Desert
The Sahara
The In Salah Sands
Life in the Oasis
The Hoggar Massif
Peeks in the Peaks
Agadez - the Last Oasis
South of the Sahara
Progress By Perseverence
Towards the Equator
Darkest Africa
The Southern Hemisphere
The Last Thousand Miles
Appendix A: The Return Journey by Barry M Jones
Appendix B: Biographies by Barry M Jones

The Rugged Road - Theresa Wallach; Introduction and biography by Barry M Jones
September 2001
Paperback, 150 pages, 40 photos and maps, 156 x 234 mm
ISBN 0953098 2 6
35 minutes
Silent Sorry video is now out of stock in both VHS PAL and NTSC.